Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marketing by 'N'

Hi all.

I've recently completed a new site for up and coming graphic-designer / photographer, Natalie Spa. The site is called Marketing by 'N' and was written in Ruby on Rails.

Marketing by 'N'

This project introduced me to the joys of ruby-gem conflicts in the way that only a bath of fire can. So many tears were shed at the hands of incompatible versions of rails, active-scaffold, acts-as-taggable-on, etc. I'm glad they all got sorted out in the end.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the services that Natalie is offering on this site if you take a look :-)

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  1. Lyndon was wonderful to work with, so knowledgeable and helpful, he listened to my ideas and gave me options which worked with what I wanted done & taught me how to manage my own site, with zero fuss and quick results.