Saturday, July 14, 2012

Priam Bacich - Musician

I have recently published a small static-site for musician - Priam Bacich in conjunction with Natalie Spa. For this project I've taken a back-seat in the design department as Natalie was keen to put her skills to the test, so I focused purely on the technical details.

This site was an entirely static affair, which allowed me more flexibility with how I generated the content. I explored several Ruby based static-site generation frameworks, however, I found that the most effective method for me was to reuse the dynamic-site frameworks using Sinatra I had previously developed and just crawl these locally with wget.

The result of this was that I could save development time by having the site update automatically for inspection during development without having to run an 'export' task between changes.

Priam Bacich on the Web

I've also begun experimenting with Clourflare to speed up load-times for static content. If you haven't used this service before I'd recommend giving it a try. There are few times that I've experienced a truly water-tight abstraction, but this is one of them. Absolutely, stunningly well done. The fact that this is offered for free boggles my mind.

I'll be writing a post about Cloudflare soon as I feel that I've just glimpsed the tip of the ice-berg here.

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