Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Logo in the Works

I've just finished work on a new logo:


This accompanies a total site-style redesign.

It is surprisingly involved changing logos after even such a short time. I had previous thought the process would be trivial, however, there are actually many considerations to be made.

I decided on the original logo as a temporary measure. It was better to have something than nothing, and it was a direct visual translation of "sordina". I knew that it wasn't immediately identifiable, but logos are often abstract anyway so I didn't attribute much urgency to finding a better one. The new logo is also a direct translation of "sordina".

I chose the name Sordina Productions as an homage to music and minimalism. The word "sordino" is often present on musical scores. This is in reference to instructions involving an instrument's mute. The previous logo was modelled after my cello mute. It had great sentimental value, but was almost totally unrecognisable. The new logo's metaphor should be almost completely self-evident.

I chose the concept of a mute in reference to "turning down the volume" of today's websites. Websites, more often than not, are cluttered affairs that are the visual equivalent of several obnoxious people shouting at you all at once.

My answer to this is minimalism - "hitting the mute button on the web"

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